Samsung Members App

Samsung Members App

framework8 | CMS used to create multi-language content for 50m Samsung smartphones globally – in under 2 months!

One of our partner agencies, Cheil, selected framework8 to create and deliver content for display across Samsung’s brand new Galaxy smartphone handsets.

The Samsung Members App enables users to find the latest news on Galaxy devices, discover tips on how to make the most of popular Galaxy apps, and to read the stories behind Samsung’s broader innovations.

Using framework8's branching system, we were able to create a large volume of content for Samsung within extremely tight timescales.

The solution

The branching function of framework8 | CMS makes it an ideal solution to the above challenges.

Features of branching include:

  • Amend, add pages and publish to a branch before merging back to the live site
  • Manage multiple branches at the same time
  • Secure staging for stakeholder review, feedback and approval
  • Timeline view and version control, showing how content and assets have been edited over time
  • By using branching for Samsung, we required only 6 content editors, rather than 40

Some fun facts:

  • We created content for Samsung in over 28 languages across 26 countries
  • There are currently 42 user accounts for Samsung Members App running on framework8, with no speed or performance issues

How we supported our partner:

  • We provided training to Cheil's European content managers
  • We delivered a training programme with demos, exercises and Q&A sessions
  • We seamlessly embedded our Project Team with the Client and several of their satellite teams internationally
  • We provided the flexibility to ramp up/down our content production resourcing to closely match ever-changing production demands
Jonhson Matthey
Amec FW