The blockchain revolution?

Some experts consider blockchain technologies to be the new digital revolution, with the total market capitalisation of crypto-currencies reaching an all-time high of over USD$60bn in May.

GDPR: A challenge for businesses, but an opportunity for brands

"GDPR is a game-changer designed to reset the balance of power, giving brands a chance to re-establish trust with consumers.”

Partnering for Growth event round-up

We greatly enjoyed welcoming guests from the agency and consultancy worlds to a Grouptree event focusing on partnerships recently.

The future has arrived: the rise of cognitive systems

framework8's cognitive capabilities incorporate powerful, easy-to-use, cross-platform Microsoft algorithms that can be applied to all types of projects. These artificial intelligence tools make it possible to analyse and interpret any type of data.

Using integrated data insights to drive efficiency and growth

The days of building websites that function solely as digital brochures are over. At framework8, we’re driving change in the way that data-first businesses are managing their operations, marketing and revenue generation.

Welcome to Framework8

We’re excited to be launching an updated version of the Grouptree website today, showcasing Framework8 - our new platform that combines all of our products and tools into one easy, modular system for our clients.

Managing MongoDB backups

If you are searching for backup solutions for your small MongoDB environments and if you want full control on your backups, Mongodump and Mongorestore tools are the best options, so far.

A hosting evolution

Our journey as a hosting provider has been an interesting one. Since we first started implementing content managed websites, many moons ago, we’ve also been offering hosting to our clients.

Twitter introduces Fabric

Twitter recently released Fabric, a suite of new tools which can be integrated into Xcode and installed on demand.

Integrating Slack & Spotify for the ultimate office music playlist

While reading this article at the office, you may be listening to Drake or Adele – making you one of the many people who enjoy working in a musical environment. But how can technology help make music into a collaborative, cultural tool to drive productivity in the workplace?

Build. Deploy. Grow.

We make complex things simple.

Dot Anything

Domain names are used to identify particular websites and every domain has a suffix that indicates which top level domain (TLD) it belongs to.

How much versioning do you want?

Versioning. A simple word - difficult to implement. Our vision in the new version of our framework and CMS was to version everything - and I mean everything. The challenge was to do this without affecting performance.

Jonhson Matthey
Amec FW