Build. Deploy. Grow.

Build. Deploy. Grow.

We make complex things simple.

Digital unification sounds like software Nirvana, but we reduce costs and complexity with one trusted platform that's easy to use and easy to deploy.

Is your growth being frustrated by multiple platforms, unnecessary complexity and costs?

Are your communications and content being held back by an inability to scale simply and quickly? Is your technology more of a hindrance than a help? Do you have too many disparate systems that don't talk to each other properly?

Grouptree's Framework8 platform has been trusted by some of the UK's best known companies to power their websites and intranets for over sixteen years (a tech lifetime), by keeping everything simple, cost-effective and easy to use.

Framework8 is much more than just a content management system. It is a truly intuitive software tool for building, deploying and managing multiple websites and applications, and it can be expanded to run a business's core digital infrastructure, quickly and easily.

Complexity or simplicity?

Managing every organisation's digital communications and content has become complex, expensive and fragmented and these challenges are rapidly getting worse.

You are not alone if you've looked around the market for a single platform and found that the choices are either prohibitively expensive and difficult to implement, or free but lacking enterprise functionality and credible security and stability.

The great promise of digital working is to enable a simpler and faster way to do business, but nearly everyone we talk to still finds that promise frustratingly out of reach.

All of them are surprised to find that there's a trusted platform that's been delivering that promise for over sixteen years, powering some of the UK's most respected companies' digital worlds.

Ask yourself these questions and if the answer to any of them is yes, get in touch and let us help simplify the management of your digital world.

Does your current platform lack flexibility or is it hard to scale?

Are you looking for a single unified platform?

Do you need a platform which is extendable to incorporate multiple business requirements?

Are the existing enterprise models too expensive?

Do your end users need a system that is simple and easy to learn?

Does your company lack the technical resource to implement a large new platform?

Do you need a strong workflow and staging environment?

Do you need to talk to the people who build and manage your platform [In London]?

Do you need a solution that is easy to distribute internationally and globally?

Is your disaster recovery solution too expensive or complicated?

Don't worry if you're frustrated. Get in touch and we can help enable you to grow.

Jonhson Matthey
Amec FW