Dot Anything

Dot Anything

Domain names are used to identify particular websites and every domain has a suffix that indicates which top level domain (TLD) it belongs to.

For example:

  • .com – represents the word "commercial"and is the most widely used extension in the world. Most businesses prefer a .com domain name because it is a highly recognized symbol for having a business presence on the Internet.
  • .net – represents the word "network," and is most commonly used by Internet service providers, Web-hosting companies or other businesses that are directly involved in the infrastructure of the Internet. Additionally, some businesses choose domain names with a .net extension for their intranet Websites.
  • .org – represents the word "organization," and is primarily used by non-profits groups or trade associations.
  • – is the country code for United Kingdom

Today, the most popular top level domain is ".com" but most of the domain names are already taken and the increasing number of websites makes it even more difficult for individuals and businesses to acquire a desired domain name for their website.

Since there are only a limited number of such domains, Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is preparing to release new top level domains (TLDs) to increase availability and redefine the web search. The new TLDs will provide new opportunities for businesses to develop their online presence and reputation on the web. New domain extensions are "dot-anything" and will allow you to create a relevant name that defines your website.

These new domain names will make your business stand out in searches, boost its position in search results, and establish a reputation as a reliable source of information and a leader in a certain category.

For example, a restaurant owner in London may have problem finding the most ideal domain name for his business ending with ".com". However, the release of these new domains will open new possibilities to do so with a ".restaurant" or even ".london" domain extension.

Personally, I think that the new top level domain names will be an important step in generating quality search results and helping to communicate a website's category and its purpose.

Jonhson Matthey
Amec FW