GDPR: A challenge for businesses, but an opportunity for brands

GDPR: A challenge for businesses, but an opportunity for brands

"GDPR is a game-changer designed to reset the balance of power, giving brands a chance to re-establish trust with consumers.”

Quote above from Mark Runacus, Chair, Data & Marketing Association (DMA) Board

As we look forward to our event focusing on GDPR next Thursday 15 June, the entire Grouptree team has been discussing and sharing the latest news and opinions on the ground-breaking data regulation that is fast coming our way.

While many articles and blogs are lamenting the technical and administrative challenges that GDPR will bring, an article by Mark Runacus for Campaign magazine has our admiration for its refreshing, optimistic focus.
We share Runacus’ thesis that GDPR provides an immense opportunity for brands - not only for businesses to communicate, but in many cases for them to re-establish, some key fundamentals in their relationships with customers.
Establishing robust yet simple technical frameworks to process, manage and report on customer data will be a key indicator to audiences that a business is both transparent and trustworthy.
As consumers, we share so many insights into our behaviours, tastes and preferences with businesses – often without realising. The advent of GDPR, rather than being seen as a hindrance, should be seen an opportunity for businesses to acknowledge and respect this data.
It’s with this opportunity-mindset, and a commitment to user-friendly technology, that Grouptree, our software framework8, our technical partner LAN2LAN and our data partner IASO, are looking forward to welcoming you to next week’s event.
For those who haven’t yet registered, we have just a handful of places remaining. 
Don’t miss this important and empowering conversation with thought-leaders and solution providers that can help you use GDPR to both protect your business and promote your brand.
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Blog written by Aaron Begg, Digital Project Manager & Communications Lead, Grouptree

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