How much versioning do you want?

How much versioning do you want?

Versioning. A simple word - difficult to implement. Our vision in the new version of our framework and CMS was to version everything - and I mean everything. The challenge was to do this without affecting performance.

Our Framework 7 versioned all documents but did not keep track of where the document was in the hierarchy or what tags were applied to them.

Framework8 introduces full versioning on every type of asset. Whether a document or webpage is edited, moved, reordered or tagged, any change at all - we version it.

This leads to some very powerful features.:

A site or a subsection of a site can be completely rolled back to a specific date and time by an administrator.

An administrator can look to see exactly what a site looked like this time last year; which is particularly useful when it comes down to compliance issues.

Our analytics system actually measures performance on a web page down to the version level so if you make change the performance of the change can be compared to that before the change.

So we look forward to showing off all the new versioning features at the end of the year.

Jonhson Matthey
Amec FW