Integrating Slack & Spotify for the ultimate office music playlist

Integrating Slack & Spotify for the ultimate office music playlist

While reading this article at the office, you may be listening to Drake or Adele – making you one of the many people who enjoy working in a musical environment. But how can technology help make music into a collaborative, cultural tool to drive productivity in the workplace?

By Daniel Poinsignon

Several studies shows that music can be beneficial at work.

“… Music is effective in raising efficiency… even when in competition with the unfavorable conditions produced by machine noise…”

-- J.G. Fox, E.D Embrey, Music - an aid to productivity

If you are a lover of music, as well as an assiduous user of Slack and Spotify, then an application called Slackbox could be perfect for your office.

As some background on the services involved, Slack is a simple instant messaging application that can be flexibly improved using integration and chat-bots – allowing businesses to spice up their team communications.

Spotify is a music streaming application with nearly 30 million music tracks – making it a leading library, perfect for creating killer playlists of office tunes.

So what is Slackbox?

Slackbox is an application developed in JavaScript and using NodeJs, allowing a set of users to collaborate on musical choices – creating combined playlists. Any user can add a song by entering the name of the song and the artist into Slack.

How does it work?

We’ve just integrated this technology into our Slack community at Grouptree.

As a first step, we associated a Slack command with an HTML POST request to a server.

The simplest way to do this is to use Heroku, which allows you to deploy a Node.js application. The redirect link will then become https://my-app-name/herokuapp....

At the same time, it’s also necessary to setup an application on Spotify and to create a playlist that will store all the music requests from your workplace's Slack users. Creating this application will also setup the identification and secret key details, which will then be added to the configuration of your Heroku server.

Supporting the open-source community, the Slackbox application, created by Benchmark, and its implementation documentation are available here:  

Jonhson Matthey
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