The future has arrived: the rise of cognitive systems

The future has arrived: the rise of cognitive systems

framework8's cognitive capabilities incorporate powerful, easy-to-use, cross-platform Microsoft algorithms that can be applied to all types of projects. These artificial intelligence tools make it possible to analyse and interpret any type of data.

By Daniel Poinsignon

Just as children learn from experience, cognitive systems use learning algorithms to continually improve the way they interpret and present data. These new technologies are assisting humans in complex tasks of reflection, research and analysis in order to create intuitive, operational responses.

framework8 integrates the services of Microsoft Cognitive into a class library for reusability and architecture.

framework8's cognitive capabilities are composed of several layers that communicate to each other, and contain features that can be used for any project types or shared by multiple applications. The goal is to limit the changes of one layer when modifying another - in order to facilitate maintenance, scalability and flexibility.

Cognitive computing also introduces a revolution in our own thinking and the relationship we have with technology.

Until recently, computers gave absolute answers. Now with cognitive systems, if the answer exists, it will be the result of a confidence calculation that outputs the most probable solution.

framework8’s cognitive capabilities mean that all assets can be analysed to identify information such as age, gender and emotions. This information can then be applied to digital solutions, from marketing campaigns to the configuration of effective SEO.

Cognitive Systems - Woman on phone

Image of woman with cognitive analysis by framework8
Caption: a woman talking on a cell phone
Tag: person Confidence score: 0.9981
Tag: woman Confidence score: 0.9799
Gender: Female Age: 25

framework8 also integrates OCR (Optical Character Reader) technology to digitise text from paper documents (eg. invoices, receipts, contracts). This allows text-based assets to be searched for, stored and saved in a database.

Cognitive Systems - text example

Using framework8, text can be recognised even at a slight angle

Finally, images can be converted automatically in thumbnail format, to be used directly in framework8.

blog image 3.png

Image of cyclists with cognitive analysis by framework8
Caption: A group of people riding bikes down a street
Tag: road Confidence score: 0.9999
Tag: person Confidence score: 0.9795
Tag: outdoor Confidence score: 0.972
Tag: riding Confidence score: 0.9632
Tag: street Confidence score: 0.9299
Tag: sport Confidence score: 0,869 5
Tag: racing Confidence score: 0.6338
Tag: people Confidence score: 0.6289
Tag: group Confidence score: 0.6274
Tag: bicycling Confidence score: 0.5111
Tag: line Confidence score: 0.2897

We're excited to be bringing this cutting-edge and fast-evolving technology to our clients and partners. To learn more about framework8's cognitive capabilities, please get in touch.

Jonhson Matthey
Amec FW