We deliver flexible digital solutions.

We plan, develop and support solutions to help businesses communicate with clients and stakeholders. Using our highly flexible framework8 platform and processes to ensure projects meet the changing demands of our customers.

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Helping businesses achieve their social and environmental goals through providing a clear picture of supply chain performance.


framework8 is much more than just a content management system. It is a platform for building, deploying and managing multiple websites and applications.

fw8 | CMS

Our popular CMS solution empowers non-technical staff to easily manage and update all content aspects of a website.

fw8 | CRM

Our CRM solution manages your company’s details, information and interactions with customers and prospects in one dynamic searchable system.

fw8 | E-comm

Our e-commerce solutions and tools deliver secure trading, warehousing and logistics platform scalable from SME to Enterprise.

fw8 | DAM

We’re experienced in creating and maintaining digital libraries for managing, uploading and sharing video, pictures and sound files

fw8 | Research

Our market research tools help businesses better understand audiences and collect invaluable market intelligence

Technical support in London

Grouptree support is about peace of mind. Our support for you and your digital world is provided by our own teams in London.


We partner with Amazon Web Services to provide broad and deep core cloud infrastructure services across the globe.

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